Monday, March 1, 2010

2010..the world is still now what

Have you ever thought about the beginning to the movie that was made about who you are, like the scenes that you replay in your head that you connect to why you are you? The first scene is, to some the most important. First impressions are important to our pop culture identity.

I was raised watching movies, have over 200 of my own, and bookmark (Internet Movie Database) on my computer…… Hence, I possess a passion for this artistic medium. I expect to be in form, structure less, like the post modern literature movement. I would like to indulge thee, a preview of my own puzzle pieces in screen form…There is no visual representation other than the interpretation created by the words in the imagination of those who read.

save a tree…..


(background noise: slow tapping of drums, increasing rapidly in speed, creating an anticipating rush of sound to build tension... It has a real rat tat style of noise, just the snare alone)for a few measures.. suddenly silenced, by the sound of a lighter failing to ignite. The hands of the lighter holder rapidly attempt to click by antsy thumbs and fail)

Out. Black screen

(noise: a young woman, grunts mildly with a hint of despair, expressing distress).


(she anxiously but slowly cries out)

“come on”

Fade In

Close up: two tainted lips hold tightly a cigarette creating a frown in her bottom half of face, as it remains unlit (pause)

Close up: long cigarette with the sun shining down on it brightly. It’s a nice day outside, birds are singing, people are walking by smiling. Her hand holding the lighter has crimson red nail polish slightly chipped, and a thin silver thumb ring that the sun reflects off of blinding and bright. Sometimes the tips get burnt from a final spark, teasing her. The lighter fails helplessly to satisfy its one purpose.

Slowly Focus:


Body shot: main character, long dirty blonde hair, messy from last night but has a golden shine to it, maintaining a random but controlled curl in a loose messy bun. She wears last nights makeup fixed up and stands with business casual all back attire. Her apron ties are hanging out of her light brown bag light Indiana jones. Her i-pod is in a coat pocket which has a high collar…One ear phone fell out however, in this distressing moment. Standing outside the bus stop, she gets agitated and annoyed to not have a cigarette before going to work. Her latte is standing next to her feet waiting for her to grab it. She looks around for some reason, and tries again. Meanwhile families, and happy people walk by her.

(Hold shot)

Black Screen:

Fast Forward. A city bus with the title “DOWNTOWN” is heard before seen and comes turning down the street and instantly stops at the tips of her large and frumpy restaurant style no slip all black clogs. Stop fast forward. The doors open slowly.

Shot. focus on MAIN CHARACTER face. Her cigarette goes limp with disappointment, and unimpressed lips like a bad first kiss, and her eyebrows both raise sharply from irony.


(expecting her fate she calmly cries out)


Shot. Body shot behind the main character and the bus crowds the screen. She quickly puts the cigarette back into her pocket and bends her knees to the right and grabs her coffee to ride the bus. She is facing the bus and sighs largely before entering. Her left foot first.

Shot. Her foot about to step on the last step of the loud buzzing creature of the metro transportation devices.

Fade Out.


This could take a while. ……but at least it was a try. So I randomly explained myself on the verge of awesomeness, with the cliff hanging view of my screen play beginnings. When it comes to editing, no this scene probably would get moved, changed, and twisted into something different. Obviously, it is seen as nothing great now, but in a complex entirety would be valuable to understanding the truth of the story. Holly, wood is word pair for a reason. The wood, represents something that can be carved, crafted, chopped. A product of something once only beautiful to certain people, now is something all can touch and admire. That’s why they are so good at making movies. Carving products out of generalized and safe notions based on what will be profitable. This is a short but simple idea about why this scene should be seen as not simple, but complex. Apply this short labor of creative thought to the idea of being able to show someone who you are, simply out of replaying, and recreating feelings, even if to others watching it may seem uninteresting.



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