Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i never said i wasn't unusual

She balances with great ease between what knowledge is, and what knowledge isn't. Distinguishing the two is almost as easy as saying true, or untrue. But it isn't that easy, because truth cannot be defined for others, but by individuals themselves. The basic idea of truth is understood to be representable, but as far as the equal representation of understanding, truth like all words, are defined through single minds.

I would argue then that my experience learning leaves me with one important critique, that half of it may or may not have been facts based upon an equal collective. History, Art, Philosophy, English in the expressive modes are subjective, mainly to the men who wrote them all.... Institutionalized pumping of classes, sometimes works like a machine, pumping student after student to make sure that these books, are understood, generalized, and true with meaning. By the end of the assembly line, a person is expected to be gay, or straight, democrat, or republican, single, or married, a drinker, or not a drinker, sexual or not? Based upon what? what they told us..... This irrational practice of education makes it hard for a widened eye to blink away for a second. The single blink would put them back into a different reality, the abyss of your darkened lids where the mind makes its decisions, without influence except your own bodily gut feeling.

So when I continue on in my further and future education the point of this all is to refect on how not always, is the larger institution safe. Being a small fish in a big sea is not easy, but at least its harder to stand out, which makes you awesome.

This random thought is dedicated to the future projects, goals, plans, for the rest of the year 2010. More to come late, of course.

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