Thursday, October 22, 2009

True Angels

My mom was a flight attendant for over 30 years. She was fabulous at what she did, is a very outgoing person and hospitable to everyone that she meets. Whenever we host a party however, she still to this day accompanies a beverage with a napkin on the bottom. Her flight attendant ways never seem to shake off in her regular routine. I associate this with the generic identity of a flight attendant. I wanted to know what my mom got herself into when she was hired on in the 1970's. I Do not think I would have made the cut back in the day, or had a large enough smile. Have fun with these random acts of awesome moments from flight attendants. They are the ones who regulate your acohol consumption, calm assholes slash crying babies down, and make sure you stay hydrated, not to mention they are above you at all times.

(ps they prefer flight attendant not stewardess)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

southern spice in the northwest

the quest for a Seattle man who possesses both qualities of knowledge granting the ability to handle an independent and opinionated woman, while equally possessing a spice of deep southern hospitality. By doing so keeping intrigue, while demanding respect by lifting her off her feet.

We come across many nights of random male/ female meeting occasions and rituals. A drool of hormones lingers in a bar from the licking lips of hungry men. Some search for knowledge from television where care free dialogue doesn't have any true consequences except uniting people together by fate. These men are pnes who choose to use the one liners. Only capable of mimicking a character or celebrity on TV that seems to be attracting many females. We know men believe the box with a light for entertainment is actually a reflection of the real world. We know this because they play video games. Memorized by the defeat of a level with an immortal avatar in a made up world. We also come across the other ones, extroverted and spilling excess words across a street to catch a girls attention. Whatever possesses a man to call out to a woman "Hey there beautiful, or "Woo wee- let me get your number", I will never know. I imagine the answer is hidden somewhere below the belt, with a mighty sword of confidence.

Me and a friend discussed the predictable failed meeting occasions, with nothing that exemplifies true chemistry. It's a simple thought that attraction isn't transparent but rather a very visual and vivid bond. There is little decency, and hope for the eligible and single woman. Wandering the streets in a free state of a buzz, only to tumble into the calling out and loud voice of an obnoxious animal.

I have never experienced southern hospitality until recently. I always found myself unattracted to the voice of a southern accent, reflected in my impatience with the stumbling irrationality of George Bush. I experienced my first taste of southern hospitality and it was awesome. The man reminded me of just how beautiful I was compared to everyone else in the bar. Something that was very obvious. His eyes were locked on mine, instead of wondering the room, and never to below my face. I fell in love with the charm that has depleted from men I commonly meet in Seattle. I do not testify that you have to buy drinks to be accepted and carry a conversation with me. But rather I note the genuine compassion that comes with making sure my state of being is stress free.
I love to smile for people, it's the most instant gift you can give someone.
I found myself in a constant happiness and grin that night. That night my dream identity was like Cinderella, and Prince Charming did come and gracefully attach my glass slipper back to my feet again.
And then my alarm woke me up and I looked around again, to an empty space, and a drool stained pillow. I take a deep breathe and exhaled the pain of waking up and losing my sight of Prince Charming. I can see now why men enjoy those video games, and made up realities.

But my friend and I conclude that this search is not asking too much, or boastful. Instead we hope that you note our statement of protest. We observe, and want a dude with hospitality.

"You will be guilty of one charge of random act of awesomeness"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Work can be and Outlet too...

My boss asked me to design a sign for the drawing for a free bracelet as an incentive to sell memberships. I thought making commission was a good incentive but fashion forward jewelry does appeal to me. I believe the best part of this bracelet was the fact that Oprah designed these to sell for a good cause. They are made from women victims of Hurricane Katrina, and survivors of Rwanda. Macy's distributes these bracelets all over the nation FOR FREE (what?), and they end up selling out to most purchasers. I think its a cool thing, and to best design this drawing for a free bracelet I wanted to inspire the "whats that" about the sudden real life exposure at work.. I feel the best questions are those asked to and from Oprah herself. So google it.

random act of awesome, for googling the following cause. I do not wish to provide any easy click URL, if you really care you will find it on your own.