Thursday, October 1, 2009

Work can be and Outlet too...

My boss asked me to design a sign for the drawing for a free bracelet as an incentive to sell memberships. I thought making commission was a good incentive but fashion forward jewelry does appeal to me. I believe the best part of this bracelet was the fact that Oprah designed these to sell for a good cause. They are made from women victims of Hurricane Katrina, and survivors of Rwanda. Macy's distributes these bracelets all over the nation FOR FREE (what?), and they end up selling out to most purchasers. I think its a cool thing, and to best design this drawing for a free bracelet I wanted to inspire the "whats that" about the sudden real life exposure at work.. I feel the best questions are those asked to and from Oprah herself. So google it.

random act of awesome, for googling the following cause. I do not wish to provide any easy click URL, if you really care you will find it on your own.

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