Saturday, October 16, 2010

memo to the :

We hate those who don’t follow the rules of society. This hate is represented, and outlined by words and sentences to form laws. Laws that are loosely defined, yet tightly binding. Separated as outcasts, those who don’t choose to follow these rules are sent to jails contained and labeled as the menaces to society. As if all the degrees of the harmful minds of humanity can be contained together. Yet at the same time, remove them from the society that separated them in the first place. We are all, in a jail cell. We all however, don’t choose to admit it. The price of freedom, is held so high that safety now determines this freedom, and freedom no longer becomes safe
Then how can a woman or man, proceed to assimilate back into a society that once took them away? Permanent safety, but a false sense of freedom, because redemption served in jail time grants you freedom, but you are forever labeled as a criminal. This binding negotiation of free will, is stripped, and replaced with a cooled out sense of what a life means. They were already out casted before entering jail. Out casted by an unequal place in the institutions surrounding.
My argument is that, the inequalities within the social justice system, denies the equal representation of all human misjudgments. I do not oppose the laws that we follow, because order is necessary to a sustainable society. Nor do I appose that all criminal acts can be avoided. However, I do appose the false sense of control, and categorization of criminals. I further disagree with the systems in which this occurs. Instead of creating institutions to lock people up quickly, why not take that time to create institutions that help all children, to an equal education, equal health benefits, equal opportunity, to succeed. Until our society recognizes that this system of perpetuating inequalities only promotes criminal activity, it will continue. If we are all granted the same opportunities, then the system to regulate crime, will be equal as well. Unfortunately it is not, and crime will continue, until the misguided futures of individuals is actualized and safe again.
The criminals are not the ones we should fear, it should be those who decide that a capitalistic mode of representing opportunity, grants power. That power is dangerous because it doesn’t acknowledge the poor misfortunes of being born into a designated class of society.