Monday, July 19, 2010

5th and Madison, behind the glass

I saw two men dressed up like the Mario Brothers, walk across the street. It's almost the end of July, so Halloween is ruled out. Ill confirm the reality of this story by mentioning that it is but one, of many strange things seen. I was not surprised, only curious.

Two men carrying an old television uphill on a wheely, reminded me of the opening scene of the movie Requiem for a Dream. (Why do they have a TV @ 8 o clock on a Monday night?) Hence, should I stop staring?

Two people came in side my work and shared a bottle of wine or maybe more over the course of my shift. They arrived separately but stayed until late and left together. Its romantic at first, until my dropping ears leak into the dialouge. I can almost taste the nectar of sweet juice coming from the conversation as they discuss the pains of being married, and the annoyances of there spouses. As in a family, as in, not each other. They usually share the same bottle every time.

Another two people wait at a table on the window. For about forty five minutes they sit, silent, and bitter for the other two guest to arrive. During that time, each moment I pass they look at me directly hoping I have a topic of conversation to provide. But I dont. When the other couple arrives they are the most vibrant and giggling pair, the loudest in the restaurant. I smirk at the opposite pairs together at the same table, wondering how the rest of dinner went.

Then I see a regular, not a regular diner, but a regular passer by. He lives in the apartments above us. I remember him vividly because of the blue silk button down top, with dragon imprints all over he seems to wear everyday. I'm not sure if he has anything else to wear. But these are expensive condos, and quickly I rule out affordability. I also remember him because of his girlfriend. At first she looked like his grandma, and quickly a goodbye kiss was more than enough needed to distinguish the extent of the relationship. They make dinner together frequently, walking to the store, but never coming inside.

How do I know this family walking across the street are tourists? Maybe its because they look up a lot. The large American flags sequenced on their matching shirts makes me question it.. But I have no idea why that would make me think so....

A party of young...not yet lawyers collect at a large table for a formal dinner party. Infact they are all still students of law dressed up well enough to fool me. As the wine settles in and marinates in justices hand, I see her slap her superior violently, but meant to be friendly, across the face. They both laugh. I am sober, and I still laugh inside. I wonder if secretly they were both mad.

The corner of 5th and Madison is never a dull moment if you choose to look deeply the details which surround it. This city is full of insects who rush from place to place with a purpose. I know it is getting late at night because the tops of the buildings next to me lose the vibrant glow of the sunset. It's time for me to start lighting some candles and improve the ambiance.