Monday, September 28, 2009

I'd rather ride you than Yoshi, anyday!

Pick up lines..... utilized by those who are not creative, mastered by those who are desperate.

The catch is that the reputation towards these witty remarks resulted in the creation of a stigma, in which any girl associates pick up lines, with sleaziness. Its a 50/50 chance that the pick up line will actually catch a smile, or a frown from the potential victim. Even if you are lucky enough to catch a smile, it is soon lost when the girl realizes that you ACTUALLY just used a pick up line....too desperate to debate if you are questionably questionable or not...
Atlas, one brave soul broke the glass hovering over the delicate initiation of a first time conversation to show interest. Against the usual boy meets girl this individual flipped it to girl meets boy. Guys have out used pick up lines, and the women are now scrambling to pick up where you left off, but put a little Martha Stewart on it, and make it as she would say "a good thing".
The action recognized today as being random and full of awesomeness is by an individual who wishes to remain anonymous. Mainly because I do not want people thinking I actually did this....But yes, its anonymous....
I worked at a restaurant once, people find that sometimes the best way to communicate to your server is writing a lovely note on the receipt, or to leave a hefty tip. One time a server actually got a $6.66 tip on bill that was over $200. The message was very clear. It's always hard to tell if the server was truly genuine in friendliness, or if a waiter was too friendly because they thought you were cute. The only way to find out if they actually thought you were interesting, is to leave a phone number. Yes it does borderline creepy, and is pushy, over does it, and some will say is desperate. BUT they have clearly never seen the way that the waiter was forcing eye contact all night from across the room.
Cleverly, I remembered the lessons from Cosmo Girl. They told you that women in this generation should be more forward, make the first move. "Its okay to grab his hand first". Considering my over spoken mouth, and beer consumption, leaving a phone number in written form seemed better then getting rejected in person.
So i did it, I left my number on a receipt.
So what? Whats the big deal? Plenty of people do that all the time.
Yes, I do agree, alot of people do do this, and very often do not receive a call back. But I did not do it actually thinking that the waiter would dial my number anxiously as soon as his shift was over. I did it, for the PINK, and the Pikachu.
I hoped that my art work would appeal the most to him. So I drew a Pikachu character, how cute! I KNOW! Not only was this Pikachu character similar, but he spoke, in words that I could not express myself.
My pick up line was .....
followed by the digits
If that doesn't turn someone on, then I give up here and now. I surrender forever to the hopelessness that surrounds fate and falling in love. But then again, maybe it DID work.
If you want to know if I got a call, then ask. But I'll expose the answer only to those people. Some will never know if the triumphant lady pick up line worked. Twisted, but truthful. I encourage all to partake in at least one character drawing on a receipt, or clever pick up line. Do as my mom says and "grow some balls".
It was random, thanks to the few sips of liquid courage, and full of awesomeness only because it was Pikachu.

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