Sunday, September 20, 2009

Power of Pan

I hereby dedicate the first charge of random act of awesomeness to my very guilty room mate, Kerry McCarthy. Kerry, despite the social conventions chained to her, remembered the valuable dissipating lesson of the pan, which is awesome.

Adulthood often is characterized by the ability to become stable, and "on your feet." I think during the growing up process we recognize that we are getting older, and we cannot help this. But the power of the pan, is remembering to never forget the beauty of your significant childhood lessons. Peter Pan taught us that thinking happy thoughts and believing in your imagination will lift you from reality, bending rules of gravity, and that you can if you think fly.

It was a rainy day (of course), the concert was crowded with teens smelling of b.o, weed, cigarrette smoke, and the basic lingering odor of adolescent sweat. Bumpershoot specifically welcomes and initates many teens into music culture. They are the music, pulsating as one heart beat, in a sea of many nodding heads. Star struck eyes, lock forward in an existential focus on the stage. Blinking once could mean missing, a direct smile from the artist, or the shirt that they throw into the abyss of empty raised hands. I dare you to try and walk too close to the front and block the peripheral view of a fan who has been standing there for hours before the show started.
Kerry was bold when she chose to disrupt this zombie drool and fly in the limbo of infants, to perform what is commonly called a crowd surf. If no one thinks this is dangerous, then you have obviously never gotten hit in the back of the head with the heavy weight of a falling crowd surfer. It hurts.
She dangerously trusted the fingertips of the kids below her, and through their strength, the happy thought of not falling and smashing her skull kept her body high. It is a task that few are brave enough to actually follow through with.

She did not have a plan, she was aimless, unknowing to the consequences that could follow, or the injuries. For this reason, her act is proved to be random.

However, the lesson to be learned is from Kerry herself. We must remember that even though adulthood means you need to act a certain way, by choosing to listen to your inner pan, it can bring just minutes of pure awesomeness.

Kerry McCarthy is hereby committed of one count of random act of awesomeness to the first degree. May you remain awesome.

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