Thursday, March 11, 2010

RANDOM ACT of awesomeness

March 11, 2010 approximately 9:05...clearly stated below..... approximately one glass of wine. approximate randomness....via facebook live chat...

whats good girl?

9:05pm Sarah

oh workin on papers you know basically everything that has been put off this week because of my dumb ass

9:06pm Nicole

procrastination forces perfection

9:06pm Sarah


9:06pm Nicole

therefore, better cramming and being stressed only one time instead of spreading it out all week

9:06pm Sarah


a million times yes

why sweat it when you can just sweat it once?

9:07pm Nicole

yes, and girls don't sweat, they perspire

9:07pm Sarah

perspire to achieve?

9:08pm Nicole

no like to perspire ......not sweat

did i just make up a word??

no its a real word

i googled it

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