Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Core

I live in Fremont, self proclaimed center of the universe. It's true for I have seen with my own eyes, the very official t-shirt. Fremont is an appropriate environment for this point in life. A left turn to my shoulder is the city, connected by a bridge, but separate enough from the sometimes blocked sunlight in the concrete jungle of Seattle. It is here, I can most likely find the sunlight and soak on the water front. I enjoy the laid back environment and friendly sunshine attitude. But stil has a night life that is alive on the weekends, satisfying my need to relax inhibitions. On Sundays, the farmers market a block away, fills with hippies, and hippie lovers, collectively selling antiques and soon to be treasures along with other valuables.

Needless to say, I am a fan.
When I ride the bus to work every morning, you'll find me in the window looking up. To me the tops of the buildings we all pass are the most interesting. People walk past my windows frequently, and I enjoy watching. We are only a piece of glass away from eye contact. The setting to the movie thickens.

she draws... because she must.

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