Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Remember Michael

Circa 1978, Michael Jackson had his film debut. Come on now, his acting was horrible in this movie, in fact it was predictably getting on my nerves. (I get somewhat critical to acting, but that is just me). However, despite the wink in my left eye watching him act, the moment he was himself, and sang, it change my opinion entirely......

My eyes were focused back on the screen, turned my face into a smile and my head tilted because I was hoping I could figure out how that sound was coming out of his mouth. It was the part of Michael I had never seen before, he was impeccable. His voice hasn't changed much at all. Before that interview he did back in 2000, that placed him in the hands of the merciless media monster, he was and example of the perfection that can be found within sound.

Prior to his recent death, I stumbled across the movie, The Wiz, onDemand..... This movie, is a twist to the plot of the Wizard of OZ... I will let you inquire and leave you to make an interpretation. I don't believe in telling people what to feel about movies..

Do not watch this movie unless you are ready to analyze the heck out of the plot of that movie, and think differently from lackadaisical childhood modes of internalizing movies....

I think you should watch this clip and understand why I enjoyed this movie, and that it is random, but awesome.

ImDb click here for more information

TheWIZ, Synopsis

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