Tuesday, November 24, 2009

AIM, bring it back

Just like in high school, funny moments of instant messaging are captured. Sometimes, this can explain your humor, or what you think is intriguing. Choosing what little space you have in your information is crucial. Should it be a song quote, a poem, a funny conversation you had with someone. Thats all you had to work with when talking in AOL Instant Messaging.. just simple expressions, simple smiley faces of emotion.

I miss it a lot, but Facebook instant chatting is reminiscent to my forgotten friend, as well as an after school activity that consumed hours of my time. My middle school years were spent, mastering the key board, typing faster to maximize the amount of conversations I could have at one time. Multi tasking at it's very basic form.

And I was,

even though I cant remember why I picked that name, twas a valiant effort to support this screen name against the common and cliche....


........this is what sparked my memory about instant messaging...the simple but funny things you can't quite explain to other people and would rather show them..

Whats up girl

I thought I seen you the other day in north seattle

I creepd on a girl and hugged her




I swear it was you

But the difference between instant messaging back in the day, was that your only identity was in your name. Uniquely hand picked to be whatever and however you wanted to be expressed. With Facebook, an entire web page explains as much as possible to the viewers eye. It tells you where you've been most recently, where you go to school possibly even your classes, where you live, where you work, a stalkers dream come true. Not to say that Facebook, is a website for stalkers, but Im just commenting on the accessibility of information that people do provide.

It can also bring up old memories, people who put those "elementary years" photo albums up.
Most likely they create albums themselves because they weren't tagged enough in other pictures. However, for those who have changed since then, moments like this can be embarrassing.

Brittany Kisor

I answered ''In 5th grade, I told her how much I liked her butterfly key chain watch that she had attached to her belt buckle and from then on our friendship keeps growing.''
Sun at 5:53pm via Social Interview · · · See Wall-to-Wall · Interview Me


I almost forgot about that watch, but Ill always remember this random act of awesomeness, because of the embarrassing information now viewed publicly and to all of my friends. The live post updates automatically every second. Seeping into the hands of I Phones, and Blackberries where the internet reminds them of activity online. It could take moments to remove the tag, just seconds to unclick, but it wont take that long for someone to see... and someone will see.

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